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Sale price: $79.99
Professional Tool Kit for Watch Repair and Case Press Machine

143 New Watch & clock Repair Tools in zipper  Storage Case.
1.        3X Watch makers Loupe
2.        Watch battery removal tweezer
3.        3-Rotary screwdrivers w/replaceable tips
4.        Watch pin pushing awl
5.        Custom leather storage case with zipper and snaps that measures approximately 12 1/8" x 8" x 1 3/4"
6.        Watch crystal protection base
7.        Anchor silicon grease for watches
8.        Retractable fiber glass scratch brush for putting a satin finish on Rolex watches and cleaning battery terminals
9.        Watch hand puller/remover
10.        Spring bar remover tool with spring bar measuring ruler
11.        Double ended watch hand press
12.        Double ended pin vise with 2 chucks
13.        Tap & remove watch band tool with watch band holder and pall peen hammer with 2 attachments
14.        Spring bar tool with 3 sizes of pin removers
15.        Water proof watch case wrench with 12 tip sizes to fit all pressure sealed watches
16.        Selvyt lint free crystal cloth 12" x 12"
17.        Leather polishing stick
18.        Specialty band pin pulling plier
19.        1 Anti magnetic stainless steel tweezers
20.        1 Anti acid stainless steel tweezers
21.        1 Brass anit spark tweezers
Watch Crystal & Case Back Press Machine with 6 Nylon Dies.
1.        This new case press offers the best inexpensive case closer available now.  
2.        Exclusive straight wall nylon dies will not scratch or mar crystals and cast metal press to ensure strength
3.        The assortment of 6 dies to allow for all size watches and snap-on system allows dies to snap on and off
4.        Face down configuration means the repair person sees the case back being closed perfectly.  
5.        Its measurent is approximately 3 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 1 3/8"